Vietnam 94 - Photos by Sue and Tony

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Our Vietnam photographs were taken during a 3 week visit in 1994. We traveled with a group of  ten Canadians and an American. Transportation was by mini-bus from Saigon to Hue and then by rail aboard the "re-unification express" to Hanoi. We stayed in low to middle range hotels and guest houses.

Overall impression was of incredibly warm and friendly  people, perhaps a bit more reserved in the north but they still make you feel very welcome. Rather naively we expected to find some resentment due to the war which ended in 1975. Nothing could be further from the truth, the people could not get enough information about the West. The American in our group was treated especially well, being asked by a Dalat  high school teacher to give a talk to his  geography class.

Another impression was of a very industrious people. Every one is working at something even though they may not be making much money. There are very few beggars. With the money and education of the returning ex-patriots from the USA, Vietnam could be the next South Korea.

The only disappointment was the food, which varied from acceptable to inedible. Not a patch on Thailand or Bali. Part of the reason was that our Vietnam Tourism guide was obviously told to take tourists to the state run restaurants which were terrible. However the private places were not much better and the French restaurants in Hanoi were especially disappointing.  Things have greatly improved since 1994 because Vietnam is making rapid progress.

Photographically it was a very rewarding trip. We received great satisfaction from these Vietnam images. We hope you enjoy them also.

Would we go again? Absolutely yes.

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