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En-route Ranakpur
A hundred or so of Lord Vishnu's cows leaving the temple to go to the grazing fields.  Someone had gone to a lot of trouble to make them beautiful  with  yellow and blue or yellow and red horns.  The one to the right was particularly splendid having beautifully decorated horns with fancy brass finials,  painted hide, a necklace and a bell

We had a beautiful early morning drive to Ranakpur.  Watching the villages waking up to another day
Built on the banks of the Banas River, the fortress took 15 years to build, it has 38 km long winding walls which protect the citadel and are second in length only to the Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall of Kumbalgar

The steep walls  are wide enough for eight horses to march abreast

Irrigation system

Village by the fort

Jain Temple Ranakpur
It is believed the temple dates from the late 14th to the mid 15th century.

The domes and roof of the temple are supported on 1444 white marble pillars.  There are no two alike
The temple opened with the noon time service.   Following that the gentle Svetambara  (white clad) Jain nuns wearing masks to prevent the accidental inhalation of insects and other organisms held court amongst the women.  We were welcome to participate in the discussion

Back in Udaipur at the Art School, we watched the students work.  Madan stopped what he was doing and created this miniature of a camel for me.  There are three levels of artist, the professors the masters and the students.  Using brushes with only a few squirrel hairs they paint first on paper then graduate to silk, marble and since ivory was banned, camel bone.   The bone is ground into a fine powder then bound with glue before being spread into a thin sheet

Art forms traditional....

and modern
Next door in the showroom I choose the perfect souvenir of a trip to Rajasthan, Three miniatures side by side in a black mount surrounded by a gold frame,  the work of a professor on camel bone.  They depict a white horse signifying power standing in front of Lake Pichola Udaipur,  the elephant for luck in front of the Palace of the Winds Jaipur and the camel, naturally in Rajasthan the symbol of love, in the desert by Jaisalmer Fort
 City Palace by night

This was our last sight of the Palace, we flew to Cochin next morning
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