Ubud Dance

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Legong Kraton - Legong of the Palace
The handmaidens bring flowers for a ceremony at the temple,  at the end of the dance the stage is covered with flower petals.
A classic Legong dancer on the right,  tightly bound in gold brocade and crowned with frangipani blossom

Two Legong and the  palace attendant Chondong

Much of the drama and emotion is conveyed by hand and eye movement
Oleg Tamulilingan
The dancer represents a swaying flower (oleg) who attracts the male bumble bee (tamulilingan)


The Kebyar Duduk Dance
Depicts the infancy and adolescence of a prince. 

The dancer, sometimes a girl dressed as a young man remains seated, movements of the hands, arms torso and facial expressions telling the tale.



Jauk (below)
Is an improvised dance by a solo boy wearing an expressive mask.  Here he is a demon alone in a jungle where he is free to play , walk and be happy


Kupa Kupa Tarum
Represents a couple of butterflies flitting from flower to flower
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