Jungle Trekking & River Rafting

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The Karen numbering some 70,000 are one of the largest hill tribes.  They are nomadic and practice a slash and burn style of agriculture.  Growing rice and opium on the steep hill sides

The postcard Hill Tribe village of yesterday disappeared overnight

Life is harder in this village and a day and a half of un-seasonal torrential rain didn't make it any easier, for the villagers or us


No piped water here, it had to be carried in daily
The silver lining to the rain, an improvised shower perched  on the railing high up under the eves
With The Rivermen

Heading for a lovely relaxing end to our trek, we walked out of our last hill tribe village and down to the river to meet our river men who had been building rafts on which to transport us down river to their own rural Thai village





At the end of the day we arrived at their village.  Quite different from the tribal villages.  They have electricity, their bamboo houses contain simple furniture and are set in fenced yards with brightly flowered hedges, water is pumped from wells






We spent the evening at the village bar listening to the rumble of distant thunder but were assured there was nothing to worry about,  it was just the 'bom-bing in Burma' a few miles away.  Ten years later I would fall in love with Burma and the Burmese people


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