Jungle Trekking

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Just after dawn local monks arrive in the villages to receive an offering of rice.  This Black Lahu girl wears her best dress 


The water supply for the village is brought down from the hills by bamboo pipe.   The  water is used for cooking  and laundry.  They bathe in rivers and waterfalls, as did we

                           Mother and child or siblings, sometimes it was hard to tell


Off To Work

The arrival of our elephants and their Karen mahouts caused great excitement
 The Karen have been in this area for some 300 years, longer than most of the other 6 ethnic minorities collectively known as Hill Tribes.  They are known for their skill in handling elephants

Elephant Trekking
Boarding, with some help.  Our belongings were already loaded in the baskets, we sat on top, hanging on tightly as we swayed along
Prepared for anything, our elephant man was armed with a gun in the unlikely (we hope) event of a tiger attack.   Tigers? 
 Elephants are amazingly sure footed on steep narrow descents.  Carefully placing one foot directly in front of the other they can negotiate very narrow paths. The baby was cute but caused her mother some anxiety as she kept getting under her feet or would wander out of sight 

Third class riding was definitely better than first class walking

Time to say goodbye.  Sad to see them go

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