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 The Sadhu are not forgotten

Henna paste being applied to the skin with a plastic cone. The painted area is then covered to lock in body heat resulting in a more intense colour. The wrap remains overnight and the design from two weeks to two month

All the fun of the fair, the Ferris wheel wasready to go
and children took to the high wire
Itinerate Sadhu roamed the Mela and streets of the town trying to find visitors to bless and part from their money.  If you take a photo be prepared to pay

I thought this face worth the 'donation'!
A favourite character and former contestant in the longest moustache competition.  When not on display the whiskers reside in his turban
If he detected boredom he whiped out his nose flute

Magnificent Ashouk, when not shamelessly promoting Pushkar with his beautifully adorned and 'loving' camel Raja, he can be found at his shop beside the Mela fairgrounds selling antique textiles



We had come to the fair early to see the camel trading and could not stay on for the religious festival at the lake.  By the time the pilgrims started to pour into town,  many of the camel traders had left and it was time for us to leave too.  I wished we could stay longer

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