Inle Lake

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Out on the lake again in the early morning to visit the famed Ywama Floating Market.  

I traveled in a motorized version of the fishing sampan which can be rented through a guesthouse or at the canal side.  

To go out onto the lake  a $3 zone pass is required also obtainable at guesthouses or an office on the channel  leading to the lake at Nyaungshwe.

Ywama, also a must miss according to the guide books, is very much geared to tourists. Vendors in small boats start their sales pitch along the narrow canals as you approach the main market, at the height of the frenzy they can outnumber the tour boats 5 to 1. 

The approach to Ywama is very pretty and I went because I had not seen a floating market Myanmar style.  

This was the five day rotating market day,  The market is here every day but on the other days the locals do not frequent the market and it caters only to souvenir hunters.  I  have seen better in Thailand but if this is  your first or only opportunity to visit a floating market, set off early, you will  avoid the crowds but not the persistent vendors lining the approach.  

To me the land portion of the market was the most interesting with it's colourful hill tribe people.


Young ladies of the Pa-O

 Descendants of the Mon who are thought to have fled here from Thaton in Lower Burma when it fell to King Anawrahta of Bagan in the 11th century.

The men and women dress in black or very dark blue, with brightly coloured turbans made from scarves or towels wound around the head in a variety of styles.


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