Aberdeen Harbour
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Six thousand people live and work here on anchored junks, sharing their space with commercial traffic and tourists
Renting a sampan from one of the elderly ladies touting for business will test your bargaining skills.   Aberdeen was crowded with tourist boats which came pretty close to ramming into one another.  I much preferred to observe life on the junks from the shore at Causeway
Three Street Markets
Night Market Kowloon
Bird Market Kowloon
Fruit and vegetable market, Stanley
By Star Ferry to Lantau and Tai O
1994 was a big year, with a new Travelator and the completion of Tian Tan the largest outdoor seated Buddha in the world at Po Lin Monastery.  Once again the Chinese weather Gods failed to smile 

The Star Ferry is used by tourists and commuters alike,  I must have captured an out of service ferry as they are always packed to the gunwales.  Use for short hops from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island it also made a pleasant way to cruise to Lantau

At a height of 34 metres and perched on a hill the Buddha could be seen through the heavy mist long before the bus reached Po Lin


 The climb is worth the effort and a last we got a clear view of Tian Tin aka The Big Buddha sitting on a lotus leaf.  Sadly he is no longer the largest in the world, as of 2011 that honour goes to the Big Buddha of Jilin Dun City

In 1998 we had a good view from the Monastery below


Po Lin ( Precious Lotus) Monastery

We had planned to stay overnight in '94 but bad weather changed our plans.  Good plain vegetarian meals were served in the monastery canteen

Incense burner

Fishing Village on the Island of Tai O

Tai O, Lantau's largest settlement.   Here the Tanka boat  people have settled in converted boats  and stilt houses built over a tidal creek.


Tai O is built partly on Lantau and partly on a small adjacent island. 

Once a thriving port exporting salt and fish to mainland China, the locals now farm ducks, fish and make fish paste which accounts for the strong odour hanging over the  narrow winding streets

Two women pulled the ferry boat across the creek by a rope



  Many things have changed on Lantau and Tai O we are glad we went when we did

The Tai O ferry was replaced with a steel bridge in 1996 and a fire in 2000 destroyed many buildings in the town.  Lantau has had major infrastructure projects.  Including the new International Airport with links to Hong Kong.  The addition of Hong Kong Disneyland, and the Ngong Ping Cable car to the cultural themed village of the same name close by Tian Tin may or may not appeal to you.  However 50% of Lantau consists of national parks, with beautiful well marked tails.  There are campsites and youth hostels.   So still worth a visit?  You decide

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