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The Taukkyan War Cemetery
Soon after Tony's arrival we took a cab out to Taukkyan to pay our respects to the 27,000 allied soldiers from the British Commonwealth who died in battle here during WW2.  They are grouped together according to the battles in which they perished
Opened in 1951 and immaculately maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Seven holders of the Victoria Cross are interred here


Chauk Htat Gyi Buddha
Is 65 meters long and 16 meters high.   The 108 segments on the feet represent the auspicious characteristics of the Buddha
Down By the Riverside

We didn't have far to go, just beside our bus stop is a lane leading to the river.  We have video taken down here and what surprised us when we viewed it was the overwhelming noise level of the market


The birds are real, not sure if the rice is intended for them

Yet another beautiful child
Back in 'the hood' the Tamil community was celebrating Pongal combining Tamil New Year and harvest festival.   By Sunday things were hopping with the arrival of a roundabout and small Ferris wheel, both of which had to be turned manually during the 5 hour scheduled power outage.  It didn't stop the amplified concert however as they must have deemed it worth using the generator to power the massive speakers.
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