Klongs and Beyond

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Hang yeo, long tailed motor boats tour the river and klongs
 Any resemblance to the Venetian gondola is quickly dispelled when they take off at great speed, propelled through the water by big V8 engines mounted above the boat with the propeller shaft exposed, hence the name

The Golden Mount

Towers over Klong Banglampoe just outside the old city wall.  Climb the  318 step circular staircase to the golden chedi and a fabulous view over the city

Plague victims were not allowed to be buried within the city walls some 30.000  were cremated and buried in the cemetery at the base of the Mount


Energetic schoolgirls race up the steps

Proof positive, this really is 'The Land Of Smiles'

Life revolves around the rivers and klongs,  laughing children bathe in the brown water below their wooden houses, while their mothers do the laundry

Food is prepared by and washed in the klong, fortunately it's cooked in woks at great heat 

 Damnern Saduak Floating Market
 One of several within a two hour drive of the city.  Most of the floating 'stalls' are paddled by women wearing broad brimmed  hats.  Although it lasts until 11am it is best to get there early, ahead of the tour groups



 Hundreds of boats laden with fruits, vegetables, dried fish and other produce, offer ready to eat foods, sate, fried bananas, coconut milk and little sweets wrapped in banana leaves while some vendors take the opportunity to do some shopping for themselves


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