Chimi Lhakhang

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This morning our itinerary called for a short hike.  Thankfully it wasn't raining as we set off across the fields to Chimi Lhakhang.

Darchor, the tall prayer flags attached to poles can be any of the traditional 5 prayer flag colours but seem to be predominantly white in BhutanThey are planted in the ground by rivers, chortens, rooftops and on top of mountains


The land here is rich and fertile and the farmers feel blessed to work the land once visited by Drukpa Kunley who prophesized a monastery would one day be built there.  And that was where we were headed.  Our first blue sky in over a week, I had to find an excuse to photograph it and right there were these perfect flowering cacti

Looking back down the valley to the Puna Tshangchu
Chimi Lhakhang is known around the world as a fertility temple.  The monks here have been giving blessings using representations of the phallus of the Divine Madman for countless generations.   Perhaps it is not surprising that these blessings can only be given in this temple dedicated to his memory.  After all with his unchecked lust and womanizing he gave the gift of children to countless women.  After the blessing a name is drawn, if it is a boys name the couple know what to expect in the fullness of time, likewise if it's a girls name
Their patron saint would be proud of the current inhabitants of the  monastery if the number of empty liquor bottles we found piled in a quiet corner of a field were anything to go by
Before we leave the district we visit the home of a rice farmer.  His home is sparsely furnished but I did notice a hi-tech bow in its distinctive case so life isn't all work and no play.  His young daughter was not too impressed with us and she was at the window to make sure we left the premises
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