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We were happy to board our train for Shanghai in the late afternoon.  We had a lovely Italian dinner with good wine in a small restaurant in a decommissioned streetcar on Nanjing Lu.   Our day rescued by a delightful waiter and good food.

The following morning, still in the rain we boarded the Bullet again for a few days in Hangzhou

Something to smile about, our West Lake Hostel was very comfortable and the lounge looks out over the Wangzhuang Nursery next door.  The rain didn't  dampen their spirits
"Girls and boys come out to play, the sun doth shine as bright as day"   We wish


We were awoken next morning by the sound of brass instruments coming from Changqiao School next door.

This could only mean one thing.   Band Practice.

It's September in Hangzhou so of course they were practicing Xmas Carols 

We enjoyed our time in Hangzhou, had some good meals and enjoyed walking around the lake and watching the children.  On our last morning we went in search of something colourful to photograph,   we found bikes, brides and beaming tour guides
Upon our return from Hangzhou we found an invasion of volunteers training with the aid of dual screens, for the upcoming Special Olympics and a common sight in in China,  Ladies who dance


This hoarding loomed over the street.  Young men were scooting about on neon lit wheelies attached to regular shoes.  Some were spinning neon tops or tossing glittering  Frisbees, all for sale of course.  Others were hawking "bag watches" 

Unfortunately it was much too early in our trip to start shopping

By the time the dancers were ready we had to leave for the airport, without ever seeing The Bund!
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