Lhasa to Kathmandu

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Gyantse Old Town
The old town is just steps away from the monastery,  we really enjoyed our visit as it seems to have escaped the worst of the Chinese modernization threatening to ruin the traditional Tibetan way of life.  Where else do children still get fun from rolling an improvised hoop?
There is no plumbing in the old quarter, wells provide water to communal taps on the street


Life is hard with heavy manual labour for men and women
These women had set up a loom on the street.  The weaver is seated her helpers walk back and forth with thread.  No daycare needed
They were a delight, offering to share their lunch of cold potatoes
I wanted a photo of hands and bobbins, they wanted photos of their rings, so here they are


Life in Tibet still revolves around the Yak.  They eat its meat and blood, make butter, cheese and yogurt. Their tents, clothes and blankets are woven from its hair.  It is a beast of burden and its dung, stored here, provides fuel  

Yak (or to be gender correct) dri butter plays an important part in the religious life of the community providing fuel for the temple lamps and a sculpting material for religious images
It is also added to salted tea and barley flour to form their staple dish, tsampa

On The Road To Shigatse

The road took us through miles and miles of countryside alive with activity.  We  stopped to watch the singing field hands as they brought in what looked like hay.  But we couldn't imagine what they did with this much of it




Wagon after wagon laden high rolled on to the road and off into the distance.

  Raine and I dropped our bags off in Shigatse and set off to see Tashiumpu a marvellous sight, with it's golden roofs and prayer flags reaching 13,000' to the mountain tops

Founded  by the first Dalai Lama in 1447, this is the traditional home of the Panchen Lama second only to the Dalai Lama in the Tibetan Buddhist hierarchy.

Distinctive monastic Footwear

In early August every year they hold the Ximoqenpo Holy Dance Festival to ward off evil spirits 




Stretching as far as the eye can see are an amazing  number of prayer wheels along the Tashilumpu Kora.

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