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Taumadhi Square

 Is reached by a narrow brick-paved lane from Durbar Square. The towering five-roofed Nyatapol temple presides over the square. The stairway leading up to the temple is flanked by stone figures of deities and mythical beasts, each 10 times more powerful than the one below. At the foot are the wrestlers Jayamel and Phattu. then two elephants two lions, two griffon and finally Baghim the tiger Goddess and Simhini the lion

Because of our early start we arrived to find the morning market around the Nyatapole temple in full swing.  Shortly after our arrival the stallholders began to pack up and they were gone before the first tour bus rolled in


Potters Square
Where families spin their wheels and mould the black clay into household pots.  There is a small shrine to Ganesh, the patron saint of potters and also a temple.  The incumbent priest is always a potter


Vijaya Dashami
The biggest festival of the year, Vijaya Dashami was in full swing. This was the eighth day when every household in Nepal would aspire to slaughter an animal to appease the Goddess Durga.
We saw hundreds of goats in pens on vacant land, waiting to be weighed and sold then led to their fate.  Like our Thanksgiving it is traditional to travel home for the holiday


Live goats were being stuffed into the boots of cars or tied on the roof of buses.  Their heads would eventually be hung on doors and we were quite glad we were leaving soon 

As we left the weather had brightened, everywhere was looking much better than it did  but it was also thronged with tourists.  We couldn't have it all

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