Full Moon Cambodian Style


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In the evening Pub St. street is closed to traffic and as our relaxed travel mode extended into Cambodia, most evenings ended here or on one of the nearby streets for dinner and to enjoy the comings and goings around the street.  We only had one short day at the temples this trip and the rest of the time was spent as the spirit moved us, or not as the case may be

Favourite coffee spot and great for picking up half priced pastries after 5.00pm.  Time to stock up for breakfast

Restaurants almost ready for the evening diners.  You will never starve in Siem Reap

Two minutes from Golden Villa is the workshop and retail outlet of Artisans D' Angkor.  It's well worth a visit as their things are beautifully crafted and presented in their store.  They have a silk farm on the edge of the city which can also be visited
Another favourite is the Asasax Gallery on Pub Street.  I have a number of his paintings from his Phnom Pehn Gallery and it was a thrill to meet him

Asasax visiting Siem Reap for Bon Om Tuk
Bon Om Tuk
Celebrates the end of the rainy season, the start of the fishing season, and a unique natural phenomenon the reversal of the current on the Tonle Sap.   During the dry season the waters back up into Tonle Sap Lake, they would now begin to empty into the Mekong

It's full moon, must be time for another festival.  Down by the river we found a hive of activity preparing for Bon Om Tuk, one of the most important festivals of the Khmer calendar, in Phnom Penh this includes the biggest dragon boat event of the year.  It's pretty exciting here too.  We watched them practice in the morning and after lunch re-joined throngs of people ready to celebrate on the banks of the river
Women were preparing and cooking food and hawkers were hawking everything needed for the festivities

Meanwhile the men were playing cards and creating elaborately decorated platforms on dugout canoes and other small boats..  Later they added lights.    We assumed there would be a parade of illuminated boats in the evening but come sunset they remained tethered to the shore


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