The Temples


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Ta Prome
When I told  Mr. Marom that we wanted to be alone in Ta Prome my favourite temple,  he told me it was "not possible "Madame"


But it was, we rose at 4.45, had breakfast in the moto dop, saw Angkor Wat as dawn crept over the temple complex, then headed straight to Ta Prome.  There we were completely alone to wonder around the ethereal and beautiful jungle temple held in the embrace of the fig, banyan and kapok trees without which they would undoubtedly collapse


Dawn Rooney in her temple guide "Angkor" quotes a Mr. M. Mc. Donald who wrote.

"So the temple is held in a strangle hold of trees.  Stone and wood clasp each other in grim hostility, yet all is silent and still without any visible movement to indicate their struggle, as if they were wrestlers suddenly petrified, struck motionless in the middle of a fight. The rounds of this battle are not measured by minutes but by centuries"  

"yet all is silent and still" and so it was at 6,15am on Thursday November 22nd 2007 for 20 perfect minutes 

Angkor Thom and Bayon

Devas to the left and Asuras on the right flank the causeways over the moat which lead to the five entry gates and towers to Angkor Thom. They represent positive and negative and hold the serpent Vasuki in a centuries long  tug-of-war

We had our second breakfast of the day sitting on a stone under the amazing faces of The Bayon at the heart of Angkor Thom

We had to share the enigmatic smiles of the 200 or so massive heads with hoards of very large tour groups.  They totally clogged up the area, with aggressive touts collecting the $1 per person per photo with the 'dancers'


Once again photographing the Bayon from a distance was proving a challenge.   It always seems to end up looking like a haphazard pile of old rocks.   Close up seems to be much more successful






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