Tonle Sap


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Mr Marom and Barbara with his remorque aka moto dop a motor cycle with a carriage behind, it felt very 'Oklahoma-ish" with it's comfortable padded seats with arms and curtains 'which roll right down in case there's a change in the weather'.  Unfortunately they were not made of  isinglass.  We hired him at The Two Dragons in Wat Bo to drive us to the Tonle Sap and we were so taken with him that we hired him for a further day at Angkor Wat.  Mr Marom takes his visitors to Kampong Phluk, the ride thorough the villages is entertaining and at a riverine village we transferred to a narrow long-tail boat, sitting in rattan chairs with lifejackets for cushions.
 Mr. Marom can still be reached via Two Dragons G.H. in Wat Bo
We made our way out on to the lake along narrow waterways lined with bushes. Through gaps we could glimpse the vastness of the lake

The inhabitants of the Tonle Sap villages are mostly Vietnamese immigrant fishermen who built their villages on stilts.  By the end of the dry season they can be as high as 30' in the air



 From a monastery rooftop we had a great view over the village,  there was a lot of activity

The children become proficient boat handlers at an early age.  Taking the boats to school themselves
Backlit children heading home from school, those with no boat carry their books above their heads

From this village we transferred to a dug out canoe and took off with our oarswoman for the eerily beautiful submerged mangrove forest

  Incredibly peaceful save for the calling birds and the crab fishing macaque monkeys in the tree tops not far above our heads 
Before leaving we went once more onto the open lake where large areas were covered with a carpet of small white daisy like flowers


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