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Landfall Greenland 23 July 2000

This is how the Greenland coast looked after a 6 day passage from St Lewis (Fox Harbour) Labrador. We averaged about 130 miles a day which is about right for a 32ft sailboat. We had one SE gale, the ideal direction if we had to  have strong winds. Meriah came through with flying colours, the Cape Horn wind vane steering most of the time. The only anxious time was when we sailed through the remains of the winter sea ice off the Newfoundland coast. We spent several hours one night shining a spot light to pick out the small pieces of ice.

Qornoq 63 47N 52 26W

Our first anchorage in Greenland turned out to be one of the prettiest. We dropped anchor at 2.00 am in a flat calm. Although we were below the arctic circle, it was not fully dark because it was  close to mid summer's day. The anchorage is on the south shore of the Buksefjord and the approach is straightforward as shown on chart 1310.

There is another cove directly to the south across an isthmus which might be better in a strong NE wind. 

Meriah looking pleased with herself.

I wonder if she is the only Aloha 32 to make the trip to Greenland?

What are the odds of having the company of another boat in such a  remote anchorage?

This is Assent, a Contessa 32, sailed single handed by Willy Ker. He literally wrote the book on sailing to Greenland - the RCC cruising guide

We knew Willy was returning to Greenland at the same time as Meriah so we kept in touch via SSB and arranged to rendezvous in this anchorage.

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